Title 39 of the NJ Statutes


Title 39 of the New Jersey Statutes is the Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulation.  As with other titles in the New Jersey Code, Title 39 begins with a definition of terms used in the statutes.  This can be important because specific motorized vehicles may have specialized terms that differ from their common usage.  In this section, one can find all of the information drivers need to know in order to comply with the law.  Part of Title 39 focuses on the administration of motor vehicle records and the rules surrounding their collection, maintenance, and dissemination, including the rights and duties of administrators under the Title.

The rest of Title 39 focuses on the duties, rights, and rules that are applicable to drivers in New Jersey, including special duties, rights and obligations that apply to specific classes of driver.  It specifically discusses traffic offenses, including the potential range of penalties for violation of traffic laws.

Generally, the title identifies traffic offenses separately from criminal offenses, and the range of penalties available for most traffic violations is civil in nature and includes fines and restitution, although some jail time is a possible component of sentencing for some violations.  The Title covers the crime of driving while intoxicated, which is incorporated into the general criminal statutes in other jurisdictions.

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