Unsafe / Defective Products

Tires come off of vehicles, chairs collapse under people, machines function dangerously, and we assert citizens’ legal rights against corporations.

We’ll identify the source of the defect

This ensures the “strict liability” claim against the manufacturer will show they were aware that their product was potentially defective, and therefore dangerous.

Identifying the source of the defect can often be very difficult and normally requires the retention of an expert like a design engineer to locate the precise cause of the defect and danger. But in order to make such an evaluation we need to be in possession of the defective product -- and that means retaining the item for inspection and testing after it caused injury.

Strict liability is where a defective product’s manufacturer is liable even if they did everything possible to ensure the defect would never happen, and KMH&L can demonstrate it in three ways:

  • Design defect - when a whole product line can be shown to be dangerous/deficient
  • Failure to warn - when a product is missing sufficient safe-use instructions or warnings
  • Manufacturing defect - when an individual product is defective due manufacturing flaw

Building a claim against a manufacturer can be complicated and time consuming because they require intimate knowledge of how the product is supposed to work and of the precise cause of the defect. That’s why we recommend enlisting the services of an experienced lawyer if you think you’ve been injured by a defective product.

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Here are common examples of strict liability cases:

Design Defects

  • Cars that accelerate on their own
  • Toys that can be swallowed by children
  • Safety latches that fail and allow a gun to fire

Failure to Warn

  • Pills that cause vomiting on empty stomach
  • Lamps that overheat when left on for too long
  • Cribs that collapse when set on uneven surfaces

Manufacturing Defects

  • Tire treads failing to grip slick roads
  • Locks not properly keeping doors shut
  • Seat belts not staying buckled during impact