Slip & Fall Injuries

Listen to personal injury expert Brian Duff tell us what to do after a slip & fall accident.

Property owners in New Jersey are required to provide a safe environment to anyone on their premises. This includes in the sidewalk areas, stairwells, parking lots, and anywhere else that’s part of their shopping mall, store, restaurant, or office property.

If you slip/trip and fall on someone else’s property resulting in injuries, immediate action is advised. This is to ensure important evidence can be gathered and preserved, such as photos of broken sidewalks, stairs and slippery floors, and security camera footage.

KMH&L can prove that your slip & fall was the result of a property owner’s negligence -- that they should have known about the defect or danger that led to your injuries -- and will obtain compensation for medical care, pain, and suffering.

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KMH&L helps clients obtain substantial recoveries after Slip & Fall Injuries:

Some Common Causes

  • Icy & snowy surfaces
  • Slick or broken stairways
  • Bathtub & shower defects
  • Weak walls & railings on balconies
  • Uneven flooring, carpeting, pavement, etc.

Evidence to be Gathered

  • Photos of the scene
  • Witnesses’ contact information
  • Accident reports filed with the property
  • Any items that caused your slip/trip/fall
  • Photos of damage to your body/possessions