Dog Bites

Watch New Jersey personal injury expert Mike Mumola explain what to do after you’ve been bitten by a dog.

Dog bite liability issues can be more complicated than you realize and generally require a dog bite accident lawyer. In New Jersey, dog owners and sitters may be responsible for dog bite injuries as well as injuries not involving biting, such as “dog play” bites and scratches that cause unintended serious injury.

A “playful dog” could cause injury by jumping on, knocking over, or tripping a person. This applies if you’re a guest or visitor, a postal worker or delivery driver, or if a dog has run onto your property because the owner was walking it without a leash. In any of these cases, you will benefit from professional representation.

We’ve handled countless claims successfully on behalf of clients who suffered dog bite accidents. We negotiate with dog owners’ insurance companies or go to litigation to obtain substantial recoveries for our clients.

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Here’s the information you should try to obtain prior to calling KMH&L:

  • The name and address of the person who owns the dog
  • The address of the property where the attack took place
  • Statements from witnesses and their contact information
  • Official police, paramedics, and doctor’s reports
  • Pictures of the dog, the scene, the owner, and your injuries

Dog bite accident lawyers understand dog bite liability issues and the dangers of dog bites whether they were malicious or sustained during play. The lawyers at KMH&L have seen it all when it comes to dog bite cases in New Jersey.