When you make decisions affecting the welfare of a minor or disabled person, you need expert financial and legal advice.

KMH&L are New Jersey Legal Guardian Experts

Guardianship attorneys provide advice so legal guardians can make the most informed decisions for their wards. We’ll ensure that you’ll know exactly how and when to step in to give consent and make decisions that are clear, effective, and always within the limits of your duties as a legal guardian.

Conversely, if you are concerned that your own disability may require a guardian to make decisions for you in the future, we recommend you speak to a KMH&L Guardianship expert. They’ll explain how to choose your own guardian(s) versus having the court appoint one for you, how to execute a Durable Power of Attorney, what powers your legal guardian will have, and how to establish a living will in case an accident or illness leaves you incapacitated.

KMH&L Lawyers will help you make the right decisions for your ward, including:

  • Medical decisions
  • End-of-life decisions
  • Purchase & investment decisions
  • Managing or selling property decisions
  • Legal defense & other non-medical decisions

Helping People Is Our Passion

KMH&L Lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience in Family Law. Schedule your initial consultation today!

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