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Agreeing on parenting duties after you and your spouse have separated or divorced can be fraught with difficulties. There will be regrets and possibly animosity, but these things must not stand in the way of what’s most important about a child custody agreement: your child’s or children’s well-being.

Focusing on their well-being is the best way to ensure everyone is happy. It provides common ground for you and your spouse, and is the surest way to reach an agreement that maintains your progeny’s emotional development, psychological health, and overall happiness. But reaching an amicable joint- or sole-custody agreement that can be enforced by law is a complex process, and one that requires expert legal guidance.

KMH&L Lawyers will evaluate numerous factors pertaining to your child’s best interests, including:

  • Physical and psychological health of your spouse
  • Age, gender, and psychological health of your children
  • Evidence of your spouse’s parenting and disciplining styles
  • Interaction with other household members, like grandparents
  • External factors such as adjustment to school and community

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