Child Support

You’ll receive caring yet commonsense counsel during these times when family matters can get emotional and contentious.

KMH&L are New Jersey Child Support Experts

Whether you are recently divorced and need money urgently to support your child or children, or your ex-spouse isn’t paying according to your agreement, we can help. Our experienced Family Law attorneys take an intelligent yet caring approach to these sorts of emotional family crises, and while we always try to resolve disputes amicably, we’re ready to litigate your case in court so you get what you deserve.

The guidelines surrounding child support payments are strict, so there is usually very little room for flexibility. The needs of the child come first, but the supporting parent's ability to make payments is considered as well -- as are many other factors -- so it’s in your best interests to entrust the establishment and enforcement of your child support agreement to a NJ Family Law expert.

KMH&L Lawyers will guarantee your child-support agreement is being met, and:

  • Your support payments to your ex-spouse are spent legally
  • Your ex-spouse’s payments to you are accurate and on time
  • Payments are modified if either of your financial situations change
  • Payments are modified if the needs of your child or children change
  • Child-support payments are handled correctly for income tax purposes

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