Family Law

We act immediately, with a dedication to winning clients substantial financial recoveries.

Our attorneys specialize in divorce, child custody & support, and guardianship cases. Watch New Jersey family law expert Michael Lento explain the importance of divorce trial motions.

Divorce cases create immense stress and often lead to many other major life changes. As leading New Jersey divorce attorneys, we’re committed to providing competent and aggressive legal counsel -- but with compassion and respect. Our aim is to obtain judgments that are fair and relieve the pressure experienced by both parties.

Child Custody

Watch a KMH&L child custody specialist discuss emancipating a child in New Jersey.

We always first try to resolve cases amicably, but if that fails, we are ready to litigate your case with your children’s best interests at the forefront.

  • Visitation
  • Parenting time
  • Legal & residential custody
  • Healthcare insurance coverage
  • Estate planning for the children’s future
  • Interstate and intrastate removal of children
  • Child support and child support agreements

Domestic Violence

Watch criminal defense expert Les Hartman explain restraining orders in New Jersey.

Domestic violence is a terrible fact of life, but you must recognize that it is a cycle. So if you’re the victim of domestic violence, you need qualified and competent legal counsel to work with you to prevent future occurrences and ensure your safety. We also represent anyone who has been accused of domestic violence or spousal abuse -- a common occurrence in difficult divorces. We structure all marital separation, divorce, and child custody agreements to include protections against future domestic violence and spousal abuse.

Additional New Jersey Family Law Expertise