Criminal Defense

Watch New Jersey criminal defense expert Les Hartman explain how you can have your charges dismissed.

Federal court is different from State court

Criminal charges can be filed in either Federal or State court, and the way you approach each one requires a completely different set of skills from your lawyer.

In Federal court, a prosecutor generally does not file a criminal complaint, but instead presents evidence to a grand jury which decides whether or not to issue formal criminal charges, known as an indictment. The grand jury process could be quick or take months or even years depending on the complexity of the federal investigation. KMH&L has seen it all, for all kinds of charges, and it is important for you to remember that you don’t have to be a criminal to be charged with a crime.

In State court, a prosecution generally begins with the filing of a criminal complaint, after which your lawyer will defend you. One of their primary responsibilities is to slow down the criminal justice process so they can gather all the evidence necessary for your exoneration. KMH&L Lawyers’s founding partner, Les Hartman, has tried cases for crimes ranging from homicide to drug distribution, so he understands all the rules and procedures of state, municipal, and traffic courts.

Traffic Violations

Nearly everyone has been issued a traffic ticket. Most of the time you pay the fine and accept the consequences. But few people realize motor vehicle violations can result in the loss of your license or even jail.

Watch criminal defense expert Les Hartman explain what to do when you’ve been pulled over.


In New Jersey, even the first DUI offense could result in suspension of your driving privileges between 90 days and 20 years, fines and penalties in the thousands of dollars, and jail time for as much as six months.

Watch founding partner Les Hartman explain how an ignition interlock system works.

Municipal Defense

Penalties have gotten stiffer for minor violations like disorderly conduct, simple assault, shoplifting, and marijuana possession, so to avoid jail time and hefty fines, you need a seasoned attorney by your side.

Watch founding partner Les Hartman explain disorderly persons drug offenses.