Medical Negligence & Malpractice

Medical Negligence & Malpractice

Medical Malpractice NJ:
Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Cases

Medical malpractice NJ encompasses errors made by health care providers including birth defects, surgical errors, emergency room negligence, and faulty prescriptions. Medical malpractice lawsuit cases can be expensive and difficult to prove and bring to a cost-effective conclusion—all the more reason to hire experienced legal malpractice attorneys in New Jersey. For 52 years, we’ve been successful malpractice lawyers.

Kalavruzos, Mumola and Hartman, LLC is a well-established personal injury and medical malpractice law firm, ready and willing to evaluate potential medical malpractice lawsuit cases. To schedule a consultation, contact Kalavruzos, Mumola and Hartman, LLC today. KMH&L are malpractice lawyers serving Mercer County area including Trenton and Princeton, NJ.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Cases in New Jersey:
Medical Malpractice NJ

Not all negative results of medical negligence will make cost-effective medical malpractice cases. A careful analysis of the facts of each individual case will enable the lawyers of Kalavruzos, Mumola and Hartman, LLC to determine whether ample compensation is a likely outcome. Our attorneys at Kalavruzos, Mumola and Hartman, LLC pursue justice on behalf of people who have suffered life-altering, catastrophic events at the hands of surgeons, physicians, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and other health care professionals.

Medical malpractice lawsuits such as babies with birth defects and other successfully handled cases:

Medical Malpractice NJ Examples

Our law firm has successfully handled cases for clients who suffered the following injuries as a result of negligent medical care:

  • Severe brain injury, leading to a state of coma, after hospital personnel failed to monitor oxygen levels in the blood.
  • Renal failure leading to dialysis due to failure to diagnose bacterial infection
  • Loss of sight due to poorly performed eye surgery
  • Catastrophic brain damage to infant due to wrongfully infused lipids
  • Cerebral Palsy to infant at birth due to delayed delivery
  • Shoulder dystosia at birth caused by wrongful manipulation during delivery
  • Babies with birth defects

Confident and experienced, the federal and state trial attorneys of Kalavruzos, Mumola and Hartman, LLC zealously represent victims of medical negligence, protect medical malpractice clients’ legal rights and best interests. We know the law, and we are adept at applying the most relevant statutes and legal precedents to each client’s negligent health care case. We are experienced with medical malpractice malpractice lawsuit cases and will make sure you are in the best hands.

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Contact our law firm to discuss a potential case involving doctor malpractice with birth injuries, dental malpractice, or failure to diagnose cancer or any other serious illness as a result of a health care provider’s negligence.

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