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NJ Wrongful Deaths Wrongful Deaths New Jersey

NJ Wrongful Deaths Lawsuits

NJ Wrongful deaths lawsuits are brought on behalf of the Estate of a person whose death was caused by a tragic event such as negligence, motor vehicle accidents, product defects and/or failure or medical malpractice.

This claim is based on an underlying civil wrong which has tragic results for the decedent, family members and children. These NJ wrongful deaths lawsuits are generally brought in conjunction with a “survivorship claim” which is a claim made on behalf of the decedent for the time they survived prior to passing away.

NJ Wrongful Deaths: The Law

Our history with with NJ wrongful death laws helps you get the best representation possible. Our office assists individuals with obtaining the financial security often necessary after the loss of a family member. Contact the Wrongful Death Lawyers at Kalavruzos Mumola & Hartman – Hamilton Township (Mercer County), New Jersey for help with NJ wrongful deaths lawsuits, or to simply answer your questions.

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