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New Jersey Emergency Room Error and Abuse

Emergency healthcare workers provide the initial evaluation and treatment for patients of all ages with medical and surgical problems but they are prone to errors. Furthermore, emergency care is the only type of medical care required by law to be provided to all who need it regardless of complaint, time of day, or ability to pay. Emergency healthcare workers provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients are seen without appointments and thus a mechanism must be incorporated to prioritize need to ensure that the sickest patients are seen first; this concept of triage should be done early in the emergency department encounter. Emergency healthcare workers manage multiple patients and coordinate multiple activities that assist in providing patient care and while all this is going on, lab and x-ray results are being returned to the physician on the very patients he is treating. The emergency physician must know when to enlist the assistance of a specialist consultant and whether to admit a patient or discharge him to home. All of this activity unfortunately lends itself to the potential for the care received by the patient to fall below the acceptable standards of care which can lead to further injury and problems for the patient. If you or a family member has suffered as a result of negligent care by an emergency health care provider errors, please contact our experienced medical malpractice attorneys at KMH to learn your legal rights are simply answer your questions.

If you have been subjected to emergency room errors or errors made by medical professionals, then call today. Errors should not cost you the life you’ve worked for.