3 Popular Toys Dangerous for Kids

With the holiday season ending, many parents may think that worrying over their child’s latest toy haul would be a waste of time. Surely their family members gifted some safe, maybe educational gadgets that their children will be able to handle with no problem. However, many parents are unaware that some of the popular toys…. Read More

What Should I Do If a Dog Bites Me?

If a dog bites you or someone you love, it is important that you act quickly to deal with the situation for several reasons. First, depending on the severity of the injuries you or your loved sustain in the attack, you will need to seek immediate medical attention. Second, if the dog that attacked you…. Read More

Can I Sue If I Slip and Fall in a Store?

While you may think that if you slip and fall in a store, you automatically have grounds for a lawsuit. That is actually not always the case. Why Can’t You Always Sue If You Slip and Fall in a Store? There are several questions that must be asked before determining whether a slip and fall…. Read More

Car Accidents Over Labor Day Weekend

According to the National Safety Council, the Labor Day weekend is one of the holidays with the highest incidence of car accidents. It means that you need to be careful as a motorist this holiday. It is also important to realize that you could be involved in an accident. One of the best recourses after…. Read More

Car Accident Liability: Lane Changing

Who’s to blame? On a multi-lane highway, traffic moves quickly: exits come up, on-ramps merge into regular traffic, and vehicles move in and out of lanes. When a vehicular collision occurs as a result of a lane change, determining car accident liability can sometimes be a complex task. Life in the Fast Lane: Liability in…. Read More

Pedestrian Accidents In New Jersey

It is estimated that 5,000 people are killed in pedestrian accidents per year. Approximately 76,000 people are injured in an accident. These accidents usually occur when a pedestrian attempts to cross the street. Parking lot defects, poor road maintenance, and highway construction are some of the other things that can contribute to pedestrian accidents. Additionally,…. Read More

Tiger Woods DUI

Tiger Woods was arrested for Driving Under The Influence (DUI) early Monday, near his home in Jupiter, Florida.  In a statement released by Woods Monday night, he explained alcohol was not a factor in his arrest.  He said that his arrest was the result of an “unexpected reaction” to prescription medication.  Breath and urine tests…. Read More