Here Are 3 Ways You Can Avoid Probate

When we die, many of us would like pass on some assets to our surviving loved ones. However, unforeseen probate costs could lengthen the time your family receives their share. In addition, your estate could be drained by these fees, leaving your family with less than what you may have desired them to have. It…. Read More

What Are the Three Types of Strict Product Liability?

When you are injured by a defective product, you might be able to file a claim against the manufacturer of the defective product for strict liability. The focus of these claims is on the defective product and it’s not necessary to prove that a defect was caused by any negligence by the manufacturer. The assumption…. Read More

What are the Three Main Types of Fraud?

Many people every year are accused of fraud, and usually these accusations can apply to a wide variety of circumstances. Since fraud is such a broad term, it can be difficult to understand what it is and how you can avoid it. There are three main types of fraud, however, that you can be aware…. Read More

3 Types of White-Collar Crime

A white-collar crime is typically a non-violent crime committed by a business employee or public official. There are several types of white-collar crime, but most involve monetary theft through deceitful means. Here are three examples of white-collar crime that can land deceitful business employees in hot water. Embezzlement The state of New Jersey defines embezzlement…. Read More

6 Signs of Elder Abuse

When an elderly person moves into a nursing home, there is an expectation that the nursing staff will do their absolute best to ensure the elder’s days are peaceful and pain-free. However, in some sad cases, nursing home staff have been neglectful to the point of abuse towards some elderly patients. For adult children who…. Read More

3 Popular Toys Dangerous for Kids

With the holiday season ending, many parents may think that worrying over their child’s latest toy haul would be a waste of time. Surely their family members gifted some safe, maybe educational gadgets that their children will be able to handle with no problem. However, many parents are unaware that some of the popular toys…. Read More

What Should I Do If a Dog Bites Me?

If a dog bites you or someone you love, it is important that you act quickly to deal with the situation for several reasons. First, depending on the severity of the injuries you or your loved sustain in the attack, you will need to seek immediate medical attention. Second, if the dog that attacked you…. Read More

Can I Sue If I Slip and Fall in a Store?

While you may think that if you slip and fall in a store, you automatically have grounds for a lawsuit. That is actually not always the case. Why Can’t You Always Sue If You Slip and Fall in a Store? There are several questions that must be asked before determining whether a slip and fall…. Read More