Injured at your workplace in New Jersey? Here’s what you need to claim fair compensation

Injured at your workplace in New Jersey? Here’s what you need to claim fair compensation

If you get injured at your workplace in New Jersey, go to the hospital immediately for treatment. But you should also be concerned about getting compensated for your work-related injuries. Be aware of the benefits you’re entitled to receive under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Based on data by the New Jersey Department of Health, transportation and material moving occupations took the biggest percentage of workplace fatalities from 1990 to 2013. Work-related injuries happen in other occupations, too. Injuries are hardly preventable in most workplaces, and you’d be well-served knowing what you need to do to claim fair compensation.

Immediate medical attention

Immediately seek medical attention after an injury. Although certain injuries may prevent you from informing your employer about your accident, it’s crucial to tell them about it ASAP. That’s because employers must also follow rules whenever a workplace injury occurs.

Under New Jersey law, an injured worker must provide notice to the employer within 14 days in most cases, or up to 90 days in certain cases. Note that your employer is also required to provide you with directions on getting medical help.

An authorized physician

Speaking of medical help, employers require injured workers to see an authorized medical provider and cover the workers’ medical expenses. For their part, injured workers must see to it that they go to an authorized physician to make the workers’ compensation procedure seamless.

If circumstances prevent you from going to the authorized doctor, your employer should still shoulder the medical costs, provided that the treatment is authorized. That means your employer must pay your medical bills if you see your family doctor instead of the authorized physician, if you get a second opinion, or if you go to a specialist recommended by the authorized physician.

Specific instructions from the employer

One of the rules employers need to follow is to inform injured employees about certain crucial information. Such important information includes which medical providers to go to and the procedures to make a claim. This is why failing to inform your employer about the injuries within the grace period could mean forfeiting your rights to claim compensation benefits.

You also need to be aware of grace periods, in terms of when to notify your employer, the number of days in which to claim benefits, temporary disability insurance claim limits, and other similar concerns.

Disputed claims

If your employer or the insurance company disputes the fact that your injury is work-related and claims that you’re not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, you may file a formal petition from the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Note that New Jersey laws protect injured workers and testifying employees from employer retaliation during a formal petition.

Moreover, injured New Jersey residents may be eligible to receive wage benefits while they’re unable to work and awaiting the results of a denied compensation.

Legal counsel for workers’ compensation in New Jersey

One of the best reasons to obtain legal counsel is when your claim is denied. But in general, it’s wise to consult attorneys who can answer questions you may have about workers’ compensation claims. Your attorney can also put your mind at ease in case you’re wondering whether you can make a claim despite the fact that you accidentally caused your injuries at work.

Consult a New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer too about things like waiting periods, coverage of compensation per the extent and duration of the injury or disability, and other relevant matters.

Upholding your right to a fair compensation may be more complex than you think. KMH&L Attorneys are experienced and passionate in helping clients in Hamilton, Trenton, Princeton, and surrounding areas resolve workers’ compensation benefits cases. Schedule a free consultation today.