How to behave during divorce proceedings

How to behave during divorce proceedings

Divorce is a difficult time. An uncooperative or angry spouse can make it even more so, and may prevent you from getting a fair divorce settlement. Conflicts inevitably arise during a divorce, but there are ways to minimize the stress for everyone involved.

Going through a divorce can be emotionally draining and intimidating. However, note that your behavior will determine how smoothly disputes will be resolved, and how you will transition after your divorce. In other words, you will want to have as little conflict as possible during and after your divorce.

Here are some things to remember as you go through divorce:

Be punctual

Take deadlines seriously because the justice system typically frowns upon delays and tardiness. Failing to keep up with deadlines may get you in deeper trouble. For instance, failing to respond to a divorce petition within the prescribed time frame could result in a judge issuing a default judgment whereby your spouse's demands are granted.

Be respectful and cooperative

Despite both spouses' efforts, a divorce can turn ugly. But never forget that courtesy and respect are traits that resound greatly with the judge, attorneys, your children, and your family. It may be challenging to agree on everything with your spouse, but engaging him or her as respectfully as possible can reduce conflict and save you both time and money.

Follow court orders

What the judge says is gospel, and you would be well served to comply with and acknowledge court decisions. The decisions may not always be to your liking, but there are proper procedures to try to get certain things changed.

Communicate well

When talking to your attorney, clearly communicate your needs and wants and take time to listen to their advice. Good communication will help your attorney devise the best strategy for your situation. It will also help ensure you get a fair and reasonable outcome and with as little conflict as possible.

Think of the greater good

When discussing with your lawyer what you aim to get out of the divorce proceedings, always think of the greater good. Divorces profoundly affect everyone in the family, especially the children. Consider your children’s best interests when devising the terms of your separation agreement — especially with regards to their schooling and proximity to relatives, friends, and their support systems.

When making child visitation schedules, take into consideration your children's well-being. Protect your kids during your separation by maintaining positive routines that will allow them to cope with ease and reduce potential short- and long-term consequences for them.

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